Who will hear the smoke alarm when you are away?

Fire can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. It won’t be frightened by an alarm, like a burglar would. The burglar won’t steal your family photo albums, but fire will. Jewelry can be replaced, but baby pictures can’t. Even though you have a monitored security system, without monitored smoke detectors, your home will never be secure against one of the most dangerous intruders.

How a monitored smoke detector works with your security system. Smoke detectors are a logical extension to your home security system. Whether they are installed with a new system or added to an existing one, the smoke detectors can be connected directly to the security control panel monitored by your security service. When smoke is sensed at any one of the protected locations in your home, the detector will send a message to your control panel which will then cause all the evacuation horns to sound. The panel will then relay the emergency signal to your monitoring service where the message is received and a response made. The local fire department is then notified, so that help is on the way, whether you are home or away.

You may already have a battery-operated or hard wired 120VAC smoke detector in your home, but how do they compare to a monitored system?

Battery-operated – Battery operated detectors have two major problems. First, they are rarely connected to other detectors, remote warning devices, or central monitoring stations. If they are located outside a bedroom, they may not be heard by a sound sleeper, especially if the bedroom door is closed or just partially open. A second problem with battery operated detectors is their batteries, if they are not periodically replaced, detectors will not work! Too many fire deaths occur in homes where detectors fail to function because their batteries are dead, disconnected or removed.

AC Powered Detectors – Many AC powered detectors are not connected to other  detectors or remote warning devices. Even those that are only connected to other devices can provide a local warning of fire. If no one is home, a fire can develop without anyone taking action to protect valuable property.

Monitored Detectors – Especially when located on all levels of a residence and in all bedrooms, provide the best kind of early warning fire protection. If monitored detectors sense a fire developing, they signal an alarm control which activates all evacuation horns throughout a residence and sends a fire alarm signal to a remote central monitoring station which can notify the fire department. They provide fire protection when you are home or away. As part of a home security system, monitored detectors provide both an AC primary power supply and a re-chargeable back up battery.