Why should my security system be monitored?

You have just installed a security system and taken an important step to safe-guard your home, family or business. But, remember, an alarm is a call for help. So, it’s only done the job when help arrives. If you have an “audible only” alarm, how do you know that someone will hear it and call the authorities? They can’t identify the type of emergency so the appropriate help can be sent. All this can mean precious time lost when you can least afford to waste time getting the help you need. That’s why you should have your security system monitored be a central station.

A central station hook-up ensures that when your alarm is triggered, a trained professional security operator will quickly notify the proper authorities and dispatch help…calmly, accurately and efficiently. Our operators instantly know what kind of emergency you have and automatically dial the right numbers. They have, at their fingertips, all the information the authorities need to respond quickly. It just makes good sense to place your trust in a team of professionals who are on guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from central station monitoring centers. Our highly trained professional represent the top in their profession. Working with the industry’s most advanced equipment, they provide the all important “human element” to your service.

This is combined with back-ups to each of our critical monitoring functions that automatically take-over if one of the primary systems are ever down. Its all dedicated to just one purpose–to receive your alarm and respond with help as  quickly as possible, whenever you need it.