Security makes good business sense…

A custom security system will guard your business while you’re away and protect all you’ve worked so hard to build. Flexibility is built into our systems at the start with future expansion anticipated. Partitioned systems, where one or more areas can be secured separately as sub-systems, can be customized.

Individual or system-wide passcodes can be allotted for varying levels of system authority. Security command centers offer handsome architectural design, soft backlighting and smart options that are easy for all to learn and use. Included are: customized word displays, one-button quick arm, silent alarm ambush codes, automatically-erasing service passcodes, partial arming modes, panic keys, and more. Fire detection is also available.

Featuring smart leading edge technology, our many Motion Detector models can distinguish between intruders and small animals, automatically adjust to resist hostile environmental conditions, monitor and alarm on room temperature extremes, and reject nuisance alarm source. Your custom designed security system offers a strategy of protection that is easy to use with unsurpassed flexibility and reliability.