Locally Owned and Operated Serving Boise and Surrounding Areas since 1988

We install security systems, surveillance cameras, access control and fire alarm systems. We provide on-call 24 hour tech support and 24 hour central station monitoring to both residential and commercial clients. We work to give you straight forward pricing, quality installation and service. Our systems have helped out numerous families and companies throughout the Treasure Valley.


Our Services

  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Alarm Systems
  • Surveillance Products
  • Fire Alarms


In the past, home security systems were regarded as luxuries only the rich would need or could afford. But today, there is a home security system for any household, lifestyle and budget. Home security systems are as much of a necessity of modern life as computers, dishwashers and microwaves. The good news is that today’s home security systems are simply smarter, more family-friendly and more affordable than ever before. Learn How We Can Help Protect Your Home.


A custom security system will guard your business while you’re away and protect all you’ve worked so hard to build. Flexibility is built into our systems at the start with future expansion anticipated. Partitioned systems, where one or more areas can be secured separately as sub-systems, can be customized. Learn How We Can Help Protect Your Business